Ukraine War Update (Day 200)

For many in the West, the Ukraine war has now become an afterthought with blue and yellow yard signs fading in the sun or blown away in the wind. However, the war continues to grind on in what has become the largest and longest conventional war in recent decades. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Russian Federation troops have lost over 50,000 killed in action (KIA). While this number may not be accurate, if the actual body count is even half what the Ukrainians claim, it is devastating. Add to that approximately three wounded for every KIA and the total number of Russian casualties could exceed six figures, making it one of the deadliest conflicts of the 21st Century. One of the most interesting aspects of the conflict are the real time reports and footage from the front lines. Soldiers from both sides have made and posted videos… Read More Ukraine War Update (Day 200)

Ukraine War: Russian Comms Update (Day 118)

Ukraine State Security Service continues to intercept Russian communications and post excerpts on its YouTube channel. If the intercepts are accurate, the situation for Russian federation forces on the front line is anything but ideal. Among other things, Putin’s troops complain of poor rations, living under constant artillery bombardment, and refusal to follow orders. The audio also confirms that Russians continue to commit war crimes in eastern occupied territories. Following are excerpts of Russian comms from the last… Read More Ukraine War: Russian Comms Update (Day 118)

Ukraine War: Russian Comms Update

Ukrainian State Security continues to intercept and publish audio of intercepted communications between Russian servicemen in Ukraine and family members in Russia. The nature of the topics discussed in these calls varies from talk about the commission of potential war crimes to insubordination and mutiny. Intercepts posted portray the occupying Russians in a negative light; however, this is to be expected given the source and the… Read More Ukraine War: Russian Comms Update

Ukraine State Security Service: Disgruntled Russian Troops Ready to Rebel Against Commanders, Ukrainians Inflict 70% Casualties on Russian Units at Mykolaiv

Russian forces operating in Ukraine have been plagued with logistical problems since the onset of hostilities. Inability to effectively evacuate casualties, resupply, and refuel frontline combat units were certainly a major factor in the Russian decision to withdrawal from northern Ukraine and Kyiv. In part, it also explains why the Russians shifted their main effort to eastern Ukraine. This move, which seeks to secure the breakaway provinces in Donbas, significantly shortened supply routes which now run largely through more secure areas that have been under Russian control for some time now. Regardless, it appears that supply problems continue to… Read More Ukraine State Security Service: Disgruntled Russian Troops Ready to Rebel Against Commanders, Ukrainians Inflict 70% Casualties on Russian Units at Mykolaiv

Ukraine War – Useful Sources

After watching the tragic events of the last few weeks unfold in Ukraine, being the news junkie that I am, I found myself wanting for more direct sources of information about the situation. All of the information on major news outlets in the United States and European Union nations all seemed, for the most part, generic. So I decided to find news as close to the situation on the ground as possible and discovered the following websites.… Read More Ukraine War – Useful Sources